Sunday, August 06, 2006


Yesterday was a play it by ear day and we decided to go to a free “concert in the park” in Palmdale, California.  SHeDAISY (Indian for “sisters”) was the  country group playing. It is three sisters.  We saw them last year, but it was not the same three sisters.  One sister just had twin girls, so another sister took the new mother’s place.  All of the sister’s name begin with the letter “K”.

It was a really good concert. It was free, put on by the City of Palmdale.  It was an hour and a half drive to get there.  So, even free is not always free, especially with the price of gas. At least we have the economy car, Chevy Cavalier, we won in 2004.

You knew we won a car didn’t you?  In 2004  a local Chevrolet dealer gave a car a month away for a year for their 75th Anniversary.  I was on of the lucky winners.  Even a free car was not free. It cost $920 for tax and license to drive it off the lot the day of the drawing.

This week is Sharon’s and my 40th wedding anniversary.  We are still in love. We like each other, we better since we work together and are together almost 24/7.  On top of all of that we are best friends.  August 12th is our anniversary.

Today is the “first of the month” for us.  Financially we need to start our month on the 6th of each month.  We mail our warehouse rent that is due on the 7th on the 5th.  So today begins our new month. 

Yes, we got all the bills paid on time and the rent mailed out on time too. Both rents were paid on time.  The new rent has been going on for three months now and we are making it OK.  We  wonder at times, but we are doing pretty good.



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