Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sidetracked And Forgot The Blog

I was all set to do some writing this morning and it was time to walk Poky.  I walked the dog and forgot all about the blog.  CRS or “Can’t Remember Stuff” has set in today. I guess my mind is on other things.

We still have bees, but there are not that many.  There seem to be fewer and fewer every day.  It is a shame they do not figure out that the hive is in a bad location and move on to a better place.

Taxes!  I am still working on them and will be all week-end.  I have a mess to straighten out and then will have it all taken care of.  Do not get behind in your taxes.  It is hard to catch up. 

There a is a wire shelf in the warehouse that I have had for a long time. I never used it as a shelf.  I was looking at it yesterday and thought that if I cut it down it would be a good shelf to install in one of the basement compartments in the motorhome.  It is light weight and yet strong.  A shelf would make storage more organized and easier to get to some things without digging and pulling stuff out.

We bought some wire rack shelves at WalMart and put then in some of the cabinets inside the Bounder.  It made food storage a lot better.  We were able to put more in one cabinet and it is more organized.  I have some pictures of them somewhere. I will have to find them and show you.  I was looking for them a while back to write an article on them, but they are temporarily “lost”.

Today I was back up to 6 miles on the exercise machine, BUT over 1/2 of that was at the easier setting.  I started to get worn out “riding uphill” so I set it easier.

Would you like a GREAT bike trail to check out.  Look at this site Great Bike Trail It is both a bicycle and hiking trail.  It was an old railroad bed that was converted to 15 miles of flat trail including a 1.66 mile tunnel and trestles to cross.  I read about it in a post in  It is on the Idaho and Montana border and goes into both states.  It is now on my itinerary when we go full timing.


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