Monday, January 15, 2007

Good News -- Bad News

It is interesting, we have good news and bad news and they are both the same news. The bad news is our rental home is for sale and we will have to move. The good news is the owner is going to sell it themselves, FOR SALE BY OWNER. That is the absolutely the worst and slowest way to sell a house. For Sharon and I that means we will be able to stay in the house longer and will have longer to come up with money to rent a new place.

We will stay there until the house sells. This will give us time to come up with the funds for first, last, dog deposit, cleaning deposit or whatever the new landlord requires. .

The house we are in is just over 1900 sq. ft. It is a simple track house built in 1961. I am pretty sure the original price was under $15,000. Oxnard was not a hot real estate area in 1961. The asking price is $625,000. Housing in California, is outrageous. I often wonder who can afford these places.

My first purchased home was a brand new tract home in Canyon Country, California. It was 1385 square feet and cost us just over $21,000. According to an online real estate site that house is now worth over $500,000. That is almost 24 times the amount I paid. It is a shame wages have not gone up similarly.

Sharon and I were married two years when we bought the house. I was the breadwinner and she was the homemaker. We bought the house on one low salary. I was a blue collar worker with no savings for a down payment. I bought on the GI Bill with no down payment.

What do young married couples today have to look forward to when it comes to home ownership. They need two jobs just to pay rent and live. I do not understand who is buying all of these homes. It takes a very large income to qualify for a 1/2 million dollar home.

All of this is part of the reason I am interested in increasing my internet marketing income. I have told you my immediate goal is to earn $100 a day from IM. My dream is to make an excellent living. Like any business, the opportunity is there and like any business, many make it and many do not. The potential is there in internet marketing and the best part about it is that you do not have to invest a lot of money to get started. It it does not work out, you will not be out a lot of money.

My goals are small to start, but I see those who are making it big and those people are the ones I would like to emulate and turn IM into a cash cow for Sharon and I. Regardless of how much we earn, it all adds to our prosperity, even the $150 or so a month we currently earn from IM.


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