Sunday, September 04, 2005

Full-Timing-- We Seem To Be On Schedule

We are still working. We are on a roll. If we can keep this up our transition to full-timing will be successful and on schedule. We are working at creating an ongoing income that will allow us to comfortably go full-timing.

Yes, we have more pages online. The two I told you about yesterday and one more.

Creating website content is an important part of our ability to go full-timing.  Web publishing is a business. It is a business we expect to allow us to make an income that will be adequate to full-time regardless of fuel prices or where we choose to stay.

I was going to do the brakes on the Bounder, but my back is acting up, so I will postpone it until tomorrow or next weekend.  It’s funny, I worked and worked lifting all the boxes we went through with no problem.  Now I am more sedentary and my back aches.  Strange thing this human body and how it acts at times.  I just took a 600 mg Motrin (Ibuporfen). 

There are a lot of things to do when plan to change your life and lifestyle.  Full-timing or just moving from one place to another takes planning and down-sizing you “stuff”.  Sometimes I look at all we have and am overwhelmed and at other times I think, “We can do this”.  Things seem to be slowing falling into place day by day.  This is a good sign for Sharon and I.





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