Monday, March 07, 2005

Mar 7, '05 Articles Written -- Tasks Done

HEY! I did it. I got all four articles published this weekend. PLUS! I got a bunch of jobs completed on the motorhome including (I hope) getting the starting problem fixed.

Here are the two pages I wrote yesterday.

A while back I replaced the steering column safety switch, the one that only allows me to start in PARK or NEUTRAL. It worked but must has been adjusted just slightly off center. I readjusted it and it seems to work. WELL, it "seemed" to work before. Time will tell if this does the job for good.

We bought a Wave 8 Heater a while back at camping world. The problem is you have to tap into your propane line and install a quick disconnect to plug the heater hose into. I have been procrastinating about installing the fittings. I have to look behind the stove or refrigerator to see where to tap into the line. Measure the size of the fittings I need and then go out and buy the materials, including to hose that goes to the heater.

Since we have the furnace in the motorhome this has not been a high priority project. The Wave 8 will come in handy when we are boondocking and want to conserve battery power.

What projects do I have that need "assembly"? These are things we bought, but are still in the box.

  1. Wave 8 Catalytic Heater --- we have heat ---good reason to procrastinate
  2. Turbo/Maxx Fan for roof air vent --- It is winter, we do not need the vent fan yet
  3. Portable Bar-B-Que/fire pit --- So far everywhere we go there is a fire pit


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