Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rent Day PAID

You know we had to move and now have more rent to pay. Today is rent day and it is already paid. We mailed it on Monday. Our business rent is due on the 7th of each month. We are getting close to having that and the other bills paid too. Maybe we’ll even have a little extra this month.

What should you care if I pay the rent. That is not my point. If you have been following this blog, you know we just had to increase our income by $800 a month. Guess what? You can do this too. We use the computer and opportunities available because of it to make money. You can too.

Look into selling on Ebay. Look into internet marketing, which can be as simple as writing a journal like this one. You have a computer. Take advantage of its money making capability.

WOW! I:t was 87 degrees in our office yesterday. It is a good thing we have a few fans to circulate air to make it feel a little cooler. I would certainly hate to be in a HOT area and on a budget. I can imagine how hot an office might get and then being afraid to turn on the air conditioner because the electric bill would kill your budget.

Sharon and I are very lucky to be living her on the coast. Camping is fairly cool, even on hot days. Life is good.


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