Thursday, October 13, 2005

Start The Day With Exercise

Since I started seriously doing some exercise back on May 1, I am finding I have more energy and am feeling better about myself.  Do you find that you seem to have higher energy levels when you exercise?  Kids seem to have all the energy in the world.  I wonder if they go, go, go because they have the energy or if they have the engery because the are always going. 

The Bounder is getting all cleaned up inside. Sharon is in organizing cabinets and sorting stuff. She has a couple of boxes of stuff we don’t need to carry all the time.  I am impressed with all she is doing. 

When you live in a brick and mortar home, you can collect everything and store it here and there.  If you are going to live in a motorhome and go full timing across the country, you can’t keep so many non-essential things.  You run out of room and you overload your RV.  I can see that there will be a lot of difficult decisions to be made before getting on the road.

Our plan is to get rid of all that we can, but keep part and put it in storage.  When we have been on the road a while and return to the area our stuff is stored in, we will spend some time figuring out what else we can get rid of.  At that time decide whether storing $2000 worth of stuff is worth paying $3000 to store for a few years.  We want to full time at least 2 years so we have enough time to see a lot places and go back to some we really enjoy.

I have been spending time on our wedding site and have not been adding any page to RV Living Magazine.  I need to find a balance in my work so I don’t neglect one part in favor of another.  Working for yourself is often challenging since you have to make your own work plan. You have to do your own scheduling. 



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