Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Exercise Is Really Helping My Weight

When I was young and trim I would run places. I would participate in sports.  In the Army we had PT (physical training) regularly.  When I got a "real job" in the "real world", all that changed.  I sat and worked. I sat and watched TV. I sat and read. 

After 40 or so the pounds added up and I finally went over 230 pounds this years.  As I have told you, I bought an exercise bike.  I am now down to 211 and it is dropping off.  Remember the fair added some junk food pounds?  They are dropping off again, in spite of 2 donuts, one chocolate custard filled and one glazed twist.  In spite of yesterday's Very Berry Sunday at Costco. 

I am absolutely convinced that part of losing weight has to be vigorous exercise.  I ride the exercise bicycle for 30 minutes a day at moderate pressure pedaling. It started at about 15 minutes and easy pedaling.  When I get off the exercise bike I am pouring sweat.  My heart is pumping and my breathing is deep.  I get on the scale and I have lost weight each week.  Yes, I am eating a little better.  More salads for lunch and lighter dinners. I try not to take seconds and thirds, but am not alway successful.

Are you ready to join me.  Sure, you can do it to.  Come up with a simple plan, even if it's just walking daily.  Then increase the effort.  I can't guarantee you will lose weight, but you will become healthier with some exercise.  If you have health and exercise questions, talk to your doctor first.  HEY!  We can do this together.  Let's both become healthier together.

DRIP! DRIP! DRIP!  What is that drip coming from the motorhome?  It's at the holding tank area.  OH NO!  I did it again!  This is the second time in the last month or two that I have left the gray valve open.  Luckily I have a cap on the discharge hose, so the water only goes into the hose, but the cap was a little loose and gray water was dripping out.  This time I put a bucket under the hose and slowly opened the cap. I didn't make a mess like last time.  I think I need to paint the end of the tank valves red to help remind me to close them. 

This won't happen with the black tank because when it is emptied, the tank valve is closed so the hose can be rinsed out with the discharge from the gray tank.  Thank goodness for that.

Yesterday I got my blue ribbon for the picture I entered in the fair. I also got a check for $20 as a first place winner.  Entry for amateurs is free and you can enter up to 15 pictures. 

I need to get some pictures of the Porta-Bote seats we just bought and then install them and try them out.  Maybe later this week or next week.  With all these days off, I am not getting a lot done in the warehouse like I was last month.  I hesitate to take off boating when I have work that needs to be done.  This is a problem working for yourself.  You need discipline to keep at it.  You are the boss and free to take off any time you want.  The problem is there is no vacation or sick pay when you take off.  You take off and you don't make any income.


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