Saturday, April 01, 2006

Getting More Done

I am not where I want to be, but I am getting more done than I have in the past few months.  On a day to day basis, some days are very productive and others are not, but overall I am moving forward.  I am seeing what needs to be done and how it might get accomplished.

Having a long term objective of going full time helps to clarify both Sharon’s and my thinking.  We may not always make the progress we would really like to but we are moving forward and seeing answers that were not obvious before.

Progress.  I think that is what we are making, progress.  It may be slower than we want, but I think we are clearing up things we did not understand before.

The weather forecast for the San Dimas Rally next weekend is partly cloudy for the five day forecast.  Partly cloudy is good as long as it stays that way.  During the week, rain and wind is forecast.  “Rain, Rain, Go Away …………..”

On Sharon posted a link to our new baby. It is in the San Dimas Rally thread It's A Pink Thing  Butterfly Girl is her user ID.  There is a link in one of her posts on that page.  There is more before that if you are interested.

RVing is a lot of fun and going with a group you get to know over a period of time is even more fun.  Some of the group you have never actually met, but have “talked” to regularly in a forum.  It is fun meeting a group of people you have met on the internet.

We sell on Ebay and have met face to face with people we met in an Ebay chat room.  We went to the Santa Anita Race Track with one group. We went out to dinner a few times with others.  It is interesting to meet the people on the other side of this cold glass screen.


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