Thursday, December 08, 2005

Time To Think

We are heading to the beach in our van in about 30 minutes. It will give me time to think in a relaxing atmosphere.  I know what I need to do, but I also need to actually do it. Do you have GREAT plans to finish a project, even a small one?  Are you just slow to getting around to doing it.  That is my problem.  So today I am taking Sharon and Poky to the beach and use the clean fresh air to help me think about a few things.

I am taking an Internet Marketing book I am reading and a notebook.  I’m not sure I will read or use either on, but they will be there while I think about where we are going and how we are going to get there.   I know the answer, “TAKE ACTION”.  For some of you that is an easy step.  For me it is too AT TIMES.  At other times, I just seem to hold back. Can you relate to that? 

We are planning a camping outing next week.  I think I will plan that to be a planning session away from all of the things that are pressing on us.  Maybe getting away is one of the answers we all need.  Maybe not to solve any problems, but just to recharged our batteries.  LET’S GO CAMPING!

OH, then news says the mid-west is totally and completely, no doubt about it FREEZING.  -45 degrees in West Yellowstone, Montana.  Yellowstone is where our family spent a lot of vacation time.  We stopped in West Yellowstone a number of times.  Often it was cold, close to freezing, but never even close to 0 degrees. 

Even snow-birds in RVs in Texas are complaining about freezing water lines.  This has been a year of record weather.  I can easily see where a full timer has an advantage.  If the weather is changing for the worse, start the engine and go somewhere else.


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