Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mar 9, '05 Bob's Computer Died

10:20 p.m. and I can not fix it. In the morning I will take it to a computer shop. They do not open until 10 a.m. I am mostly backed up, except for the last 2 weeks and that is a lot of information. Luckily I have my wife's computer and laptop if I get into a bind. I am not sure if this is a virus or a Microsoft Windoze problem. The computer has been locking up more lately. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER

Mar 9, '05 Carboretor Repair Day

Today I am up early since I have to be at the mechanics shop for my 8 o'clock appointment for the carburetor rebuild. I will stay in the motorhome while the work is done. There are a number of things I can do all day, including studying and reading. I will bring my laptop in case there is anything I want to write. Maybe an inspirational moment will hit me.

Sharon has an 7:30 a.m. doctors appointment, so she will not be day camping at the mechanics shop with me. She is in a blood pressure study. This is a routine appointment for that.

I am going to have a number of articles written by others in the RV Living Magazine section. They should start to appear in the next few days. Do you have an RVing topic you would like to write for our site. Something you figured out, a repair you did. Pictures of an RV project. I am looking for article 200 to 800 words long. I can not guarantee we will publish every article we receive, but most well written articles will have a good chance.

To submit an article, just click this link and e-mail it to RV Living We want a typed article with no HTML or coding. We will do all of the formatting. You can put a link to your site if you have one.


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