Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Is Beautiful

It is a bright sunny day. Monday is beautiful and we have a perfect weather to head for our son’s home this moring.  It will probably be in the high 70s here at the beach this holiday.  Where my son lives I am guessing in the 90s.

Bear Valley Springs, California is where my son and his family live. I have told you about this gated community in the past.  Sharon was reading about it on the internet and it is an are of 27,000 acres.  There are over 100 miles of roads and there are 7,500 people living in the community. 

Every year they have a big weekend celebration there with hot air ballons, a Civil War Camp, food vendors, boutique stalls and more.  The only thing they do not have is fireworks.  For evening fireworks you have to drive down into the town of Tehachipi..

I just finished breakfast. I am going to close the blog, show and get ready to head out. 



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