Sunday, February 06, 2005

Feb 6, '05 Breakfast In The Motorhome

Sunday is hot breakfast in the motorhome morning. Pancakes, eggs and sausage was what we had this morning As you know we have dinner in the motorhome every night and it is usually a candlelight dinner. Today we had a candlelight breakfast. During the week, we usually just have cereal for breakfast. Cheerios or oat meal. Maybe some banana or strawberries in with the cereal.

Your generator should be exercised at least once a month. We prefer to run ours for half and hour or more once a week. This morning was generator run day. Sharon is checking the hours it has been since our last oil change on the generator. She just told me 41 hours. The schedule is 100 hours of operation between changes, so we have a ways to go.

This week I plan to bleed the brakes on the motorhome. I bought one of the pumps that allow one person to do it by themselves. It is a little hand operated vacuum pump that sucks the brake fluid through the lines instead of having to pump the brake pedal. It is said that brake fluid should be changed periodically. It makes sense to me.


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