Friday, January 19, 2007

Making $10,000 In 90 Days

OK, I keep talking about making some money using internet marketing. You can read at it at Making $10,000 In 90 Days.  This is a new blog I just created to chronicle my efforts to make money online. I will still talk about it here, as that is what my life is currently about, but that will be more of the details instead of general information I present here.

This may sound like a lot of money to pull out of the internet, but if you look at it, it is only $111 a day. That is $13.85 an hour for an eight hour day. That is barely enough to live on here in Southern California. Average apartment rents in our city are $1485 a month. A three bedroom apartment rents for $1986

According to the article in yesterday's paper, Average apartment rents for various other cities are:
San Francisco/Oakland CA $1446 --- we could live by the Golden Gate Bridge for less than here
Seattle WA$997 --- If only we could move
Colorado Springs CO $702
Tucson AZ $650

You see, I have a lot of motivation to earn some extra money. I reasons to stick to it and work at it daily.

HEY! Did I tell you that because our landlord is selling the house we live in and wants us to stay as long a possible, she lowered our rent $50. We will be paying $750 a month from this point forward until the house sells. That is good news.

I am continually amazed at the price of housing, whether rental or ownership. Who affords all of these VERY expensive homes. The one we are living in is in a working class neighborhood and the asking price is $625,000. You have to be a really high paid blue collar worker to make that kind of house payment. AND with all of that the President does not want to raise the minimum wage.

Sharon is getting ready to learn a little about internet marketing and help with our web development plans. It will take some time, but we will figure out what she can do best. It could be writing articles, writing ads, doing research for me to do the writing. She is not sure what she might be best at, however she is ready and willing to try. She seems to want out of this warehouse more than I do.

You have probably been reading or hearing about all the crop losses due to the cold weather. Our county is losing millions of dollars to freezing weather. Our temperatures are dropping into the mid to high 20's at night, but for an area that has a twelve month growing season, this cold is devastating to farmers. Our cold weather is not long lasting and usually not this severe.


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