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Making Coffee On RV or Camp Stoves Is Easy With The Coleman Coffeemaker

Making coffee at a campsite has been done many ways over the years. Coffee in a sock in a pot. Generators powering your home style eclectic coffee maker, percolators on a campfire and instant coffee made with hot water to name a few methods of getting coffee while camping.

We found a method that we like. It is the best of both worlds. It is part camping and part home. The Coleman coffeemaker is an automatic drip coffee maker. It makes coffee just like any modern home coffee maker. You put you coffee in a filter in the hopper. Put water in the built in container and start it up. The difference with this coffee maker is that instead of plugging it into the wall and turning on the electricity, you put it on you Coleman style stove and turn on the gas. You can use your RV gas range or a Coleman camp stove It works good on either one.

We use ours on our 4 burned gas stove in our motorhome. So, whether you are tent camping or parked in a luxurious modern motorhome you can have your coffee brewed just like it is at home.

Our Coleman coffee maker is a little slower than the comparable home electric unit, but if you are getting impatient waiting for that first cup of coffee, just pull the pot out of the coffee maker and pour yourself a cup. When you pull the pot out of the coffee maker, it automatically stops the dripping until you put the pot back in its place. No mess, and you can enjoy that first cup while the rest continues to brew.

The Coleman coffee maker is a little large and does take up a little more space than the home coffee maker, not much more, but some. It is worth the space to me to get a consistently GOOD cup up coffee while camping. If we do not have electrical hook ups and it is too early to run a generator, this is an excellent answer to morning coffee.

We got ours at WalMart, but I haven't seen them their lately. Campign World has them at their "TailGating site; just click the picture or the link.

Coleman Camp Coffee Maker
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