Friday, September 30, 2005

Normally We Don't Watch TV

Normally we don’t watch TV.  The exception is when a major event is occurring.  Yesterday we had it on for a couple hours during the day seeing what was happening with the huge fires that are about 20 miles from us.  They hope to have this fire about 12% contained by the end of the day. It is a BIG fire. We are in no danger being in the middle of the city.  We did have a lot of ash falling. It times it look like a light snow.  Fall is our fire season and they get started intentionally and accidently.  Our high winds in the fall bring down power lines that start fires.  One of the current fires was started by a flatbed truck that caught on fire on the freeway.

I enjoy camping and the fellowship of rallies, but it is still good to be back at work. I am excited about the things we are doing and the progress we are making.  We are still far behind what we could be doing but progress is progress and more importantly being glad to be working makes it even better.

You know that we eat dinner in the motorhome every night. It is parked behind our warehouse so it is the best place to eat.  Sharon had to close all the window and vents yesterday to help keep out the smoky smell from the fires.

My next project will be to caulk all the rest of the windows I missed last year. They were not leaking, but a little preventive maintenance will keep them from leaking.  It is no fun trying to take care of water in your RV, just knowing more is going to be coming in.



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