Monday, January 24, 2005

Jan 24, '05 Sunny Camping Weather

Today is another bright sunny day. This beautiful weather makes me think that we should take the motorhome out very soon. Even a day trip to the beach would be nice.

Of course, in February is the RV rally at San Antonio Lake. I think this will be another fun event meeting people from the RV forum, RV.NET Forum

I need to empty the gray tank today. It is over 3/4 full. We use a Sewer Solution. The Sewer Solution used a high pressure jet of water from a garden hose to break up solids so one can empty gray and black tanks through another garden hose. You can empty into any sewer connection you have at home. Many people like this method even at campgrounds.

Another project is also waste tank related. I need to repair the hose going from my tank valves to the dump compartment on the side of the motor home. I can not use it right now. I have to connect a separate hose to the tank for dumping.


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