Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Fortune Smiling

Every since someone turned us in to the city for living at our warehouse, we have had good fortune smiling on us.  We now have a nice place to live instead of a warehouse.  Our business is picking up. We are working a little smarter now.  Instead of quitting at 10 o’clock each night we are quitting at 8:30. 

On top of all of that Sharon and I are more seriously thinking of what we can do to improve our business and increase our income so we have more and more freedom.  This has been an interesting experience and jerk who turned us in will never know what a favor they did for us.

Do not get me wrong. We are really having to hustle to come up with the income to meet the new rent, but it is no harder than it was in the past.  It is just more intense.  INTENSE?  Maybe the wrong word. It is hard to express.  We use to work at a leisurely pace, may too leisurely.  We have had to make better use of every minute now. 

Tomorrow we get another day off for our granddaughter’s birthday party.  I will enjoy the time off.  There are too many times we do not take off, so when we are force to by an fun event, that is really a pleasure.

Jessica and her parents live in the gated community with the two RV parks inside the community.  That is where we camped for our very first trip out in the Bounder.   We had rain, snow, and hail on that trip.  We had our first roof leak on our first trip.  The leak came through the front air conditioner. 

Now that we know we can make an extra $800 to pay rent, we need to apply that same principal and make another $800 for camping and other fun things.   Sometimes it takes a “shock to the system” to get a person to see what need to be done and then start doing it.


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