Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mar 06, '05 Work On The Motorhome Today

YIKES!! What did Blogger.Com do to me today? The posted massive copies of my blog. I checked to see that they posted it, BUT I didn't check to see that it was over posted. Fixed now! This is what happens when you depend on automatic services doing the job for you.

Well, I have uploaded two more articles to the magazine. That is two of the four I hope to get done this weekend. I am starting to get better at writing up the things that interest me regarding RVing. The two new articles are

I am reading various internet marketing "gurus" materials. I am finding that although each has excellent ideas, they are not presented in the best fashion. Some are not organized. I have videos that look like an amateur production of someone who does not know how to speak in public. I guess internet marketing is like any course of study at any school. You pay for the classes and some are excellent, and some are not quite so good.

So far, I have learned that you can not just put a website on the internet and expect it to make money. There are a lot of details you need to be aware of. Again, I compare this to a college degree. You need certain things to graduate. You need more to graduate near the top of your class.

My writing may get slowed down today. I have some jobs that NEED to be done in the motorhome. The refrigerator lock was not installed properly originally. The refrigerator flew open last trip and dumped a minor mess on the floor. I need to fix that. There is still a problem starting the motorhome. I think it is the on column safety switch that needs adjusting. I know there are a couple other things to do, but I am conveniently forgetting them right now.

One thing Sharon and I are finding hard to do is keep the motorhome clutter free. We have most of what we would take full-timing in it now except for clothing. When things come out, they just do not go back where they came from. Or when we park, things come out and what was neat and orderly turns to chaos. Whatever happened to, "a place for everything and everything in its place"?


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