Friday, December 02, 2005

Waterproofing RV Basement Doors

One of my RV basement compartments was wet after our last rain. The caulking around the outside of the basement door looked good, so I don’t think our leak came from there.  We had rain forecast and it started raining today. Yesterday I went to Home Depot, the mega-warehouse hardware store, and bought some rubber molding for my compartment door.  There were gaps in the old molding. I hope this new stuff solves the leak problem.  So far it hasn’t rained very hard, so this may not be a good test. 

I still  haven’t fixed the sticking main door lock. It is raining, I cannot do it right now.  I really have to fix that very soon.  It is hard to lock the door from the inside and you have to push up on the door when locking it from the outside.  I have looked at the door and nothing obvious has happened to cause our problems.

Tomorrow is granddaughter day.  We are going to visit our 18 month old cutey.  It is a 150 mile drive, so we don’t see her as often as we would like to.  In two weeks we will see both of our granddaughters.  It is the other one’s second birthday, so both will be there for the party.

CAMPING!  I need to go camping.  I just asked Sharon when we should go.  We decided to go on the 15th and 16th. It will be just one night.  We chose that night because there will be a full moon, so the campground and the ocean will look beautiful bathed in moonlight.



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