Monday, January 03, 2005

Jan 3, '05 It Is Raining ---- Again

Good Morning, It is raining again. Pretty heavy at this time. I told you it rained December 31 before we headed out to go camping. What I didn't tell you is that the Bounder leaks. We found water on the inside window sills of two windows. When we got to the campground I opened a compartment and a tray had water in it.

Leaking RVs are not good. The water gets inside the walls and rots the wood. As soon as we have good weather again, or at least not raining, I need to get out and calk all around all of the windows.

After that I need to get up on the rood and "calk" the edge molding on top of the motorhome. The molding caulking is, "Eternabond Tape" This is fairly expensive, about $50 or more for a 50 foot roll. However, it is highly recommend in the forums at I have a roll, but will have to order more to do both sides of our 34 foot motorhome.

Another project I didn't need, but a common one for those who own an RV, or do they own you?


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