Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Repair Day AGAIN! BEACH DAY again!

This is getting ridiculous. Taking the motorhome back again and again to get the "repaired and rebuilt" carburetor fixed. This mechanic came highly recommended. This is the second "recommended" mechanic I will not be going back to.

The good thing is that we will need to test drive the Bounder to verify the problem is at least gone for more than 15 miles. So, that means we will have to go down to the beach and park right by the ocean again. This is a the hard part of this problem.

I am going to make this short for now. I will post more later when I find out what has happened with our next repair job.

Here we are at the beach. It is a beautiful sunny day. It took the mechanic about 30 minutes to do this job. This time he replaced the electric choke mechanism. So far it is working, of course we have only traveled about 15 miles at the most.

It is always fun to come to the beach. As soon a we got here there were dolphins. Once again we saw them surfing in the waves close to shore. They were playing an jumping. They certainly are beautiful animals.

We are going to stay here for lunch and until about 2 o'clock and then head back to the office. Since we are going camping this coming week-end and the next, we do need to do a little work.

Today I am going to call and see about getting headers and a complete new exhaust system put on the Bounder. The local shop quoted about $1100 for Thorley headers and exhaust system. Yesterday I talked to the Banks header people and they quoted about $2400. I think I will stick with Thorley. The headers should give us more power going up hills and help the engine run cooler.


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