Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good Day At The Fair

Yesterday was a good day sales wise and it was also a good day at the fair.  I always enjoy the fair and the people.  The concert was rather HO! HUM! Charlie Daniels was the first singer I have ever seen who chewed his cud all through the concert. Actually 3 of them on stage chewed gum throughout the whole thing.  It looked STUPID!  The music was fair. The crowd was more interesting than the music. 

As usual at the fair, we were right up front standing next to the stage. They server beer and wine in the stadium, so there are a number of intoxicated men and women.  Some are funny to watch. None were rowdy, but some could barely stand up or so it seemed.  One woman, I guess in her 30s, said her husband left here there.  He insisted on going to the concert and got up tight because she was enjoying it, or so here story went.  I think she would have gone home with anyone at that point.

Interesting day at the fair.  Our next fair day will be to see Bobby Vinton next Wednesday.  At least that is in the plans if we can do enough work to justify taking the time off.  We are running too close to just making it to take too much time off.



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