Thursday, July 21, 2005

Computer DSL Modem Due In Today.

Our new DSL modem is due in today via UPS.  Tomorrow we are supposed to have our DSL connection with Verizon activated.  I sure will be glad when it is up.  My email is stacking up since I don’t have an internet connection on my desktop computer.  Email download time will be long, but luckily Verizon DSL is faster than Earthlink's so it won’t be quite as bad as I expect.

Sharon just washed our motorhome carpet runner and rugs.  One rug said, “DO NOT SATURATE”.  OK, a throw rug you can’t get wet.  It pays to read label when you buy things.  Sharon threw it in the washer anyway. It came out fine. We bought a bedspread and pillow case set at WalMart, that says, “DRY CLEAN ONLY”.  While it was very new, our granddaughter was sleeping on the bed and had a messy diaper that over flowed.  I never liked that bedspread, it was heavy and slipped during the night.  A good excuse to get rid of it.

That carpet runner sure has been keeping our RV carpet much cleaner.  You can tell where it was in front of the sink and stove is cleaner than nearby places where it didn’t cover.  I am sold on carpet runners for our motorhome.

Sharon got a pair of flannel pajamas.  They also say, “DRY CLEAN ONLY”.  Pajamas!  No way are we going to dry clean pajamas.  We have always been a family on a budget and tried not to buy things that needed dry cleaning.  I didn’t wear suits to work, so dry cleaning was an infrequent thing for my one suit.

WOW!! It was 116 in Las Vegas two days ago.  It has been 109 inland from us.  I am certainly glad that circumstances “forced” us to move to the beach.  It will be “hot and humid” here today.  That means it may get up to 80 and you won’t feel the humidity.  Well, you might feel it a little, but it is nothing compared to hot places that have humidity.




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