Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving -- Hazardous To Your Health

We are getting back into the normal routine here.  I was NOT exercising for five days when we went camping.  Today I got back to exercising the normal 30 minutes on the exercise bike and weight lifting.  THEN, I stepped on the scale.  I gained 4 pounds.  Thanksgiving could be hazardous to you health.  UH OH!  Christmas is coming.  That is even worse.  Time to get strict with myself.

How about you.  In the past I heard that people gain an average of  7 pounds over the holidays.  Are you doing anything to offset that typical weight gain?  Join me and start an exercise program that helps you become fitter, and at the same time burns a few of those extra calories.  This week I plan on eating more salads and less “junk”. 

Fall on the California coast is the most beautiful time of year.  Summer has a lot of fog. Fall brings in beautiful sunny days.  We have been having excellent weather.  It is slightly nippy in the morning, but warm in the sunshine. This is what makes camping here a year round activity. 


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