Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bees, Bees, Bees. HMMMMMMmmmmm!!!

The ongoing saga of the bees.  I was sure we had that solved.  Before we took off for our six day trip, I sealed the entrance with cardboard just after dropping a bug bomb down the entrance hole.  No bees came out. YAY!  Well, when we got back there were bees buzzing around the entrance.  I didn’t cut the cardboard tight enough and left a hole. Apparently all the bees did not die.  That is 3 bug bombs and two cans of wasp spray and we still have bees.

Daily I am using my “secret weapon” on them, and they are dieing off by the hundreds, but they keep coming.  As many as I kill, they surely cannot last that much longer. In the past there were “tons” of dead and dying bees on the ground. Now there are about 100 or so maybe 200 at the end of the day.  Their population is diminishing.

While at the zoo we saw a bee hive in the Children’s Zoo area.  They came into the hive by way of long tubes.  I guess my bees escaped death because they went deep into the walls.  Three weeks of bees and eight days away camping in that time for temporary reprieves for them.  I am hot and heavy on it again. 

Full-timing seems like an elusive dream at times.  We have almost two years until our targeted time, but we do not seem to make any progress toward the goal.  It will take massive action to get out of this warehouse and all of its obsolete inventory.  Do you want to full-time and feel overwhelmed at times?  We sure do.

Right now we are going back to selling on Ebay to generate some income and get rid of a little of the stuff. Ebay will not empty the warehouse. It will take other actions to do that.  I really need to sit down, brainstorm this situation and come up with some concrete plans.


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