Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heavy Rain Is Gone

Today is a sunny/partially cloudy day. The heavy rain is gone. The weekend weather say rain Friday, cloudy Saturday and Sunny Sunday. Iffy weather for camping. We may or may not go camping this weekend. I really like to avoid the rain when possible.We are going to the Kelly's Beach Rally the following weekend. We will meet new friends and see old ones we have met on the internet and at other rallies. In addition an online Ebay friend lives in the area and we will be meeting them at the rally. We have met them once before in person, but have talked online with them quite a lot. It will be fun to see them again.Isn't the internet a great thing. It answers almost any question you might have. It re-unites you with friends from your childhood. It lets you know when you high school is having a reunion. It introduces you to new friends who you may never meet face to face, in fact, who may live on the other side of the world from you.Yesterday there was an auto accident just one building away from our warehouse on a busy street. A big rig truck turned right across two lanes in front of a 17 year old girl. No one was hurt, but the front left of the car suffered---but it was driveable. Sharon has a new name. MOTHER HEN. The girl was very upset and was crying and sobbing. Sharon put her arms around her to comfort her. She held onto Sharon, hugging her, for at least half an hour, crying a large percentage of the time. A little love can go a long way, even with strangers.

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