Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Poky Loves The Beach

Yesterday we went to the beach after picking up Sharon’s loot. Poky loves the beach. He gets very excited when he realizes where we are and how close he is to running on the sand.  The beach is the only place Poky gets to be off of his leash. 

LOOT?  Sharon’s radio station winnings include: 4 passed to San Diego Wild Animal Park, a family 4 pack pass to the movies, another pass for two to the movies (different theater), 2 tickets to a Dodgers/Padres baseball game, two tickets to the local comedy improv show, a small box of truffles from the local Chocolate Factory (they were delicious),  a Round Table “Maui Zaui” pizza and one blue plate special at a local Mexican restaurant — (not dinner for two).   A pretty good haul.

So far we gave the Dodger tickets to on of the guys in the business across the street.  We will sell the San Diego Wild Animal Park tickets on Ebay. We just cannot afford to take the  time off for the ball game and San Diego is roughly 300 miles from here.  This is the wrong time in our financial life to take much time off for fun. 

Right now we are even with the board.  I foresee all bills being paid on time, but it is just not practical to start “having fun” at the expense of our business.  I  HATE THAT.  It would have been nice to go to a Dodger game.  Another trip to San Diego would have been fun, even if we drove down in our car and stayed at Motel 6.


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