Monday, January 10, 2005

Jan 10, '05 WOW! Real Weather Mess

This continuing California rain is really making a mess of our area. A major mountain community, Ojai, is completely inaccessible. No way in or out. The 101 freeway is close going north to Santa Barbara. PCH or Pacific Coast Highway is close south of here to the campground we just went to for New Years. Lots of flooding and mudslides. People being rescued from river beds.

We are lucky. No flooding, no hills nearby, so no chance of mud slides. Other than water in the back garages we are fine. Almost everything is on pallets or otherwise off of the floor in the garages. We shouldn't have anything damaged by water. We do not commute to work, so we do not have to be out in this mess.

I am very glad I got the windows caulked. There is a slight leak in one of the basement compartments. I will caulk the door frame of that compartment as soon as we get some dry weather.

The warehouse roof leak around a heater vent is repaired and not leaking. I did that the same time I did the motorhome windows.


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