Saturday, June 11, 2005

Making Progress Everywhere.

WOW! 7.7 miles on the exercise machine. When I stepped off of it I stepped onto the digital scale and was 224 pounds. That is a pound down from yesterday. Six hours of lifting and hauling boxes and 5–7 miles on an exercise bike are doing their job. PLUS, the box problem is getting more under control.

The box situation is far from solved. I probably have only gone through about 1/4 of them so far. That is hardly a dent and these are the easy to get to ones. There is still a garage full of them that are piled high and deep. For a little longer I am going to keep going 6 hours a day on this project. Some time in the not too distant future I will drop that down to 4 hours a day.

Full-timing is the goal and emptying the warehouse is the means. I am motivated to get this done. Is full-timing your dream. If so, turn it into a goal. Start doing little things that make it possible. Check you finances. Think about whether you will keep or sell your home. Do the math and come up with answers. Read and learn as much you can about RVing and full-timing. There is a wealth of information in that forum and if you can not find an answer, usually someone knows the answer if it involves RVing.

How much time should you spend working our your goal? As much as you can. Maybe full-timing is not your goal; maybe you do not even have an RV yet. Is that a goal? Think about how you could make it a reality. I am finally starting to get serious. You can not think you want something and make it happen. You have to actively for after it. That has been my problem.

My weight just kept going up. My warehouse just sat back and looked at me when I looked at it. Nothing happened. Finally I have made a decision to get my life on track and move forward. Guess what? That decision has started turning things around. INTERESTING!! I wonder how many other things in my life I could change with just a desire and a decision. Maybe I should start thinking about what could be better in my life, in our lives.

It is Saturday, the weekend. Guess what, again? Another work day for us. We are on a roll. Sunday we can take some time off and go to the harbor and Farmer’s Market. We do need time off, however, we have been getting it with camping and birthdays and day drives to heat the car up for smogging.

OH, I know. I really need to get back to website building and development. I need to quit saying, "I’m studying" and get to actually doing some work. Study and work at the same time. Apply what I am learning and then share it all with you in case you like the idea of a passive income that keeps coming rain or shine, sick or well, on vacation or working. The internet is an interesting way to generate income. I think that newsletter I talked about yesterday might just be an excellent idea and way of keeping this income topic separate.


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