Thursday, June 23, 2005

Somewhat Back In The Groove

I am back to six hours of warehouse work, but that is about all I am accomplishing. I can’t seem to get back in the groove of actually working to generate a decent income. Working for yourself requires self discipline and mine is out the window at the moment. I am accomplishing things, but I am chasing mice when tigers are available. Of course, with exercise and warehouse cleaning (box shuffling) I am doing more than I had been.

BEES! Just when I thought we had them down to the last few, they surprise me. About dinner time last night there were hundreds of them swarming around the entrance to the nest. By the time the sun was setting there were hundreds of dead bees on the ground. Last night I completely sealed the entrance to the hive. Now we will see where they surface next. I guess I will have to open the outside wall and find their actual hive entrance into the interior wall and spray that with an insecticide.

As I said, the beach debris that washed up on shore is a lot of fun for a lot of people. You see a lot of tipi type "buildings". One young couple was building what looked like a log cabin.

Was Robinson Crusoe here?
Robinson Crusoe Shack

The Bounder list of things to fix is growing. Now most are just small things that don’t affect the operation of the engine. There are a couple outside lights that need replacing. Sharon said my backup lights were not working. The toilet is not sealing every time so water leaks out. The carpet needs cleaned. I should wash the beast again. I need to double check my generator hours to be sure I am not due for an oil and filter change. I keep a log on service, so I know when things need to be done, IF I read the log.

We are planning our next camping trip for next Tuesday night at Sycamore Canyon State Campground just south of Oxnard, California. This campground is across the street from the ocean. You can hear the waves, but you cannot see the water. It has a nice outdoors, woodsy smell to it. We enjoy going there too. There are no hookups. Water is available. They have a single dump station near the entrance.

If you go the right hand blog column and go all the way to the bottom to January 1, 2005, that entry is the start of the blog and was written at Sycamore Canyon campground.


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