Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Home Again And Counting

We are home again and counting the days until the next rally. Seventeen more days counting today.  Our next rally will be in mid-California again.  It will be at Kelly’s Beach Campground on the Kings River.  The nearest bigger city is Fresno

Our rally to SAL this past weekend took 89 gallons of gas.  We got 5.9 miles per gallon on this trip.  I slowed down more this time and gained a few tenths of a gallon. 

If we had a fuel injected engine instead of an engine with a carburetor, we would probably be two or three miles per gallon more.  A fuel injected engine is more fuel efficient than a carboreted engine.  This is something to think about if you are buying an older motorhome. 

The Bounder was our first venture into powered RVs.  Years ago we had a tent trailer we only used about 3 times.  We had no idea what to buy and the Bounder seemed like a bargain at $10,000.  Well, we still think it was an excellent choice for an entry level motorhome.  However, with enough research we might have bought something a couple years newer and gotten a couple things different.

All in all we are very pleased with the Bounder.  We are going on two years of ownership.  We picked it up on April 14, 2004 and have had a ball owning it.  The problems have been minor, even being towed off the freeway once.  That was an alternator and a battery.  There have been other minor problems, and we still have a couple, but overall this has been a good purchase.  I would recommend a Bounder to anyone.  Hopefully their quality has remained a good a ours.




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