Saturday, May 28, 2005

This week-end I am trying to solve a tax problem.  No fun and not the way I like to spend my time.  However, this needs to be done.  Tuesday I will go to Los Angeles to visit the “State Of California” and see if we can see eye to eye on where we should be.

Actually, it really is a good use of my time. One more thing out of the way in preparation to going full-timing.  All of your affairs should be in order.  I think that is another step Sharon and I should take.  Write our wills, write our preferences for our burials and what to do in case we become “vegetables” with no hope of recover.  We both want to be cremated and buried at sea, or wherever is convenient — you can spread my ashes in a forest, the ocean or anywhere.  If I am “gone”, pull the plug.  Do not keep me going.  I surely do not want to become a court case and can not have my say.

These are things we need to do anyway.  I need things written down or I just never get around to them.  I think a list of very important matters would be a good check list to create.

OK, in spite of eating out every night on the San Diego trip. In spite of Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich and baked potato with sour cream and butter an in spite of desert.  OH NO!  Krispy Kreme donuts is next door to Wendy’s.  We only bought two donuts each, HOWEVER, they give you one free donut.   In spite of all of that I am down to 227.5 pounds from 233 at the first of this month.  That exercise machine is helping a lot.

I do think it is time to get serious about the diet too.  Get over the need the donuts.  Give up the cookies. Cut out all the chips.  If I actually tried, I bet I could really start getting healthy and fit.  If Sharon and I both get fit, I will bet full-timing will be a lot more fun.  I will even bet we could hike trails we would not even attempt in our current physical shape.  HMMMMMmmmmm!! Time to get serious.

BEES!  There must have been thousands of them that took up residence in our garage wall.  I thought we were down to the last few, but I must have killed 2 or 3 hundred yesterday.  There seem to be fewer, but they just keep coming.

Since I am doing tax stuff, the Bounder will have to wait until later for me to look into its problem.  As much as I would like it ready for a day trip to the beach, it will have to wait.


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