Saturday, April 02, 2005

Apr 2, '05 Daylights Saving Time -- Spring Forward

It is another beautiful sunny day here. The terrific winds have left and the air is clear and fresh. Of course, here I am at the computer doing my thing instead of out enjoying the day. There is a trade off working for yourself. Enjoy the day and make no money -- make money and stay holed up inside. Since I took of almost a week with the grounding of the tall ship, it is time to do some catch up (not ketchup) and start making an income again.

Well, I never did get the motorhome washed, so after I get this blog page written I guess I will go out and do the deed. 34 for feet of tall vehicle is a lot to wash, especially since a lot of the "dirt" is black streaks that need elbow grease to get off.

I told you that I bent my steps a while back. I still have not replaced the bottom step. I procrastinate a lot on low priority jobs. We have a step and can get in, therefor it got put on the back burner. Maybe I will do that repair this weekend also.

Speaking of bent steps, there are some steps sitting against the building across the street. I guess I am not the only one who runs into things with their steps down.

These are REALLY bent Broken Off Steps

I told you that our internet advertising income would be about $170 to $180 last month. It was actually $188.76. As I said before, this is a get rich slow process. It takes time to be found by search engines and more time to rank a few pages well. This means it also takes time for people to find you.

So, $189 for a months income. WOW! IMPRESSIVE!! No, not really. However, this will increase month by month as I add more content to our websites and as we are found by more people. Let's say this was you while you are full-timing. Would that pay for part of your gas? A few nights stay in a campground? All I did was sit at the computer and type. Maybe if you are full-timing you could do the same. My goal is to get this up to $3000 a month and then see what develops from there. Could you do the same? Just maybe you could. JUST MAYBE.

I like to call this income "Free Money". The reason is that after I have done the work, the money just keeps coming in month after month. There is a very minimum amount of upkeep once you have the income. Of course adding content to your websites is how you increase the income. Remember, I am not selling anything to get this income. It is paid by advertisers on my websites.

Well, I got the back and about 1/2 of one side of the motorhome washed before my battery powered scrubber ran out of juice. It is on the charger now. I will get back to this project this afternoon.

My starting problem may be as simple as replacing a 12 relay/solonoid that is sitting on top of the engine and easy to get to. I tested it and it clicked, but did not get voltage to the other side of the contacts. I am headed off to Pep Boys to get a solonoid in a few minutes.


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