Saturday, May 20, 2006

Brad Paisley Concert -- Great

Last night we drove up top Santa Barbara in the misty rain part of the way.  We got to Santa Barbara and it stopped.  We sat in the open air concert theater and I felt a half dozen rain drops on my arms.  The concert opened with Josh Turner. He is up and coming and I think sounds fantastic.  He has a very deep voice for a young man.  Brad Paisley was the feature artist and the concert was great.  Both performers were excellent.

During the Brad portion I felt my head getting very wet.  The woman behind me was standing and dancing with a beer in her hand.  It went on my head and down the back of my neck. The seats are tiered like stadium seats, so she was above me.  I did not like it but it really did not upset me.  One of the small  things in life and we all know not to sweat the small stuff.  OH, it never did rain again until we were on the freeway headed for home.  Then it was a light mist for most of the trip.

We are really on a roll ever since we had the city tell us we could not live here at the warehouse.  Every day, Sharon and I talk about how lucky we are that someone turned us in.  It sure has improved our lifestyle and our attitudes.  We are seeing answers that were hidden in front of our faces in the past.  Things that were obvious, but we could not see, are popping us left and right.  We are getting answers.

Isn’t is great when life is treating you good?  The only thing that would make it better is a camping trip.  I think this coming week would be a good time to plan for a night at the beach.  Leave Wednesday morning about 7:30 and come back Thursday evening about 8 or so. 



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