Monday, February 19, 2007

Shucks! Missed Another Camping Rally

I sure wish we could have been at the SAL rally this weekend. Sharon and I really need to get our acts together, increase our income and get back to camping.

Regardless we have to increase our income. We need a new place to live. With our rental house for sale, we have given our landlord 30 days notice and will be out of the house by March 26.

We were going to stay until the house sold, but Sunday the landlord held an open house. I do not want strangers roaming through my house. Lucky only four showed up Sunday, but anyone wanting to look at the house just needs to make an appointment and I get strangers walking through my living room and bedroom.

Rentals in our area are high. They typically start at $900 for very little space in the more undesirable neighborhoods. There was a 465 square foot place a block from the beach for $950. Once in a while you can find a real deal, but the are few and far between.

So, here we sit needing more income to be able to go camping, but each time we generate more income someone has their hand out taking it away. Life sure gets in the way of a lot of plans and dreams.


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