Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Carpet Runners and Rugs In Your RV

Yesterday Sharon washed the carpet runner and rugs we have in our motorhome.  The Bounder is carpeted front to rear, even in the kitchen area.  When we bought her we bought a carpet runner for in front of the sink and stove.  It sure saves a lot of spots and stains on the carpet.  When he mechanic has to come inside the motorhome to work on the engine, I move the carpet runner up to the front so that is what he walks on. Carpet runners and rugs sure can save on the cleaning in a motorhome.

Yesterday I was without a computer except for the laptop.  I don’t spend much time online with the laptop since it quickly burns up our 400 minutes a month.  Since I wasn’t on the internet, I spent the entire day out in one of our garages sorting boxes.  Last month it was a “room” with only a tiny isle down one side and boxes stacked to the ceiling. Now there is a lot of room to walk around and boxes are only packed high around the left, right and back sides.  We are really making progress.  We filled our trash barrel, recycle barrel and the neighbors empty trash barrel. 

The trash man came today, so I guess I can go out into the garage and get rid of more stuff and organize it even better.  It is interesting that once you actually become serious about something that you can accomplish more in a couple months than you did in the last couple years.  I think a lot of goals are like that.  It just takes getting serious.

Now if we can get just as serious about making a living we will have reached the point where full-timing is just a matter of technicalities and getting the final plans made to do it.

I think full-timing will be an excellent way to see our country and appreciate more of it than we could on a hurried vacation.  My only reservation is our current motorhome.  At under 6 miles per gallon, a 10,000 mile trip will run a lot more $$$ than an RV that gets 8 to 9 miles per gallon.  We may need to plan on a different motorhome sometime in the relatively near future. Remember our first 1000 miles we only got 4 miles per gallon.


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