Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Working On Sorting Boxes

Maybe you have read in the past the we have a warehouse with over 2000 boxes of  “stuff”.  Today we have been sorting through boxes looking for items to sell on Ebay.  We have found some boxes with promising items.  We probably have 50 boxes of old computer cables.  I will probably put them on Ebay by the box.

The scary thing about all of those boxes of  “stuff” is that is I could get rid of 10 boxes a day, it would take me 200 days to get rid of them all.  At some point I am going to have to get very creative if we ever want to get out of this warehouse and go full timing.

Just four more weeks until our next rally at San Dimas, California.  That is close to the Pomona Fairgrounds. I think I said we had been to nine rallies, actually Kelly’s Beach was our tenth rally.  All of these are 50 rigs or less, not the big national rallies with hundreds or even thousands of rigs. 

The main meal for the San Dimas Rally will be BBQed tri-tip along with a potluck dinner.  What I really like about the San Dimas Rally is that is is close. It is only about 65 miles away. 

I still need to write up some article for RV Living Magazine Now that I am selling on Ebay again, it has gotten harder to concentrate on other things.  I was going to split my time between tasks, but so far Ebay is taking up most of my time.


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