Thursday, July 06, 2006

So Busy I Am Late Again

I have been working hard all day long.  I have been so busy, I am late again.  The blog usually is posted in the morning, but today I have been hustling all day long and just did not think about writing my daily blog entry.

This is good.  This means that I am working and trying to get ahead financially.  We would like to go to the SAL Rally in the fall, first weekend in October.  To do that comfortably, we really have to work hard between now an then. 

Of course this month our business tax and truck license are due, so that is another reason we are working at a faster pace.  In addition, I want to help my youngest son financially.  We are having a tough time, but his is tougher.  PLUS, he and his wife are expecting their second child in September. 

Sharon and I have a lot of reasons to make hay while the sun shines.  The sun is shining and we are doing fairly well right now.  Well, we are even with the board if not just a little ahead.  It is always hard to tell.  The day I feel comfortable, more bills come due.  This is good.

We have proven that we can make more if we really try.  So, we really need to try harder in the months ahead.  Of course Ebay is our prime source of income.  It has been since October 1998.  We just have to work smarter somehow.  We need to be more creative and sell like we never have in the past.

I am not worried about us.  We may not go to as many rallies as we have in the past.  I am worried about my son.  He is buying his own home. I would hate to see him go through what Sharon and I went through and lost our house to foreclosure.. 

So, if I am late with the blog more and more, it is because my one tract mind is busy trying to make a living and in addition create a little extra.


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