Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Jan 11, '05 Bright Sunny Day

We woke up to clear skies and some wind. A beautiful day after all the rain. This will give workers time to get some of our Southern California roads cleared up. Some roads will not be opened for days.

Sharon and I are in a safe location. There is not much that could happen here in the way of a natural disaster, except of course a California earthquake.

I am 80% done with my first web page. There are many complications that I am learning about. I had lots of pictures that were way to big. I solved that. This morning I need to study a little bit about website structuring. Where on the hosting site should I put each article and the pictures to go with it. It is a little more than just uploading them into a file and forgetting it. If you don't have a good directory structure, site will eventually be a total mess. I have done the messy way before.

OK, this blog is about getting ready to go full-timing in our motorhome. So, I guess I should write a separate page about what brought us to this decision. I think the blog would get too long if I wrote about it in here. Basically full-timing is a financial decision. I am at retirement. We don't own a home. It just seems like a way to travel, vacation and live within our income. Plus, it's a lot of fun.


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