Thursday, May 19, 2005

Heading To Sea World This Morning

Sharon and I were taken to a Mexican restaurant by our friend last night. It was wonderful meeting her after all of these years. She also drove us around the area and show us some of the highlights of the area. The last stop was, "Swami" a very popular surfing spot which is also next to the Self-Realization Fellowship. George wrote about it in his blog at TiorgRV Blog.

As soon as we get our breakfast and morning routine taken care of we will head for Sea World for a day of close-up sea life, shows and entertainment. This Midway Rally trip is turning into a really exciting trip. So much to do and see and people to meet and see others we have met at other rallies.

The Bounder is running good. Since we put the headers on I feel as if it is running smoother, especially as I take off from a stop and accelerate. The only problem now is the air conditioner is squealing when I turn it on. The solution to that is not to turn it on. I can just turn on the coach generator and run one of the roof air conditioners.

Time to get ready to get this day going.

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