Thursday, January 19, 2006

Maybe We Will Camp This Month

Maybe we will go camping this month.  I’m not sure.  Because of this bug we caught this weekend, it is slowing us down.   If we have too much down time it won’t make sense to go camping.  I am sure glad we do not get sick very often.  We are not down and out, just performing at a lower level.

I think this month I will look into ordering the “board” for my water heater.  I am 99% sure it is a bad board based on all of the troubleshooting I have done on the system.  I was an electronic technician and could possible repair the board, but is is encapsulated in a potting material which is basically a solid plastic material.  They do this so you can’t repair modules, you have to spend the full amount and replace them. 

OH, I guess they would give other reasons, but I’m not sure any would make sense.  Housing in a small waterproof box would do the same job as the potting material.  This is the throw away age, so I guess we just have to live with it.

Today I am starting a time chart on the use of my time.  Maybe if I focus on time usage I will be able to use mine better.  Focus is what I need in a lot of areas.  If I focus on things they get done.  When I let my mind wander, I do not get much done.  I think lack of focus is what leads to procrastination.  Maybe a stronger focus on the things I want and need to do will overcome my tendency to procrastinate.




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