Friday, March 04, 2005

Mar 4, '05 Carburetor Appointment Made

I made the appointment to get the motorhome carburetor rebuilt next Wednesday. I will park the motorhome there and just work inside all day while they work. Since our motorhome is set up so we could almost drive away in it full-timing, I do not want to leave it anywhere for service people to have free access to "all we own". My mechanic may be 100% honest, but are all his employees?

This weekend I will work on a few small things in the motor home. Just like in a "real house", there are things that need to be taken care of. Maintenance and preventative maintenance must be kept up. I need to install a clothes rack in the bedroom. I put on one on Sharon's side, now I need one on my side. It is just 4 coat hooks on a board, but it sure helps reduce clothing clutter.

Do you worry about blocked sewer lines in your RV? Blocked lines have caused many people a lot of problems including big messes when trying to unplug a clog. Check out this thread at It talks about preventing this problem. I even commented and posted a picture I drew which is my take on why it happens. OH, my handle is bob-88bounder TP & Black Tank Problems

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day studying and researching building websites and making money with them. I guess I really should create a detailed plan of what I am doing so those of you who might be interested can follow along and try it yourself if you are interested in additional income.


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