Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bear Valley Springs And Frost

We are at my son's home and unlike the coast, it gets cold up here. There is even frost on roof. It was 38 degrees outside this morning when we got up. Of course we brought very light jackets. Sharon walked Poky and had to borrow a jacket.

Jessica is a cute as can be. You saw her. She is a real doll.

The poppies were not as brilliant as we have seen them in past years. There are not that many. If you saw them for the first time, you might think there were a lot of them, but this year the hills are not golden. Of course there are plenty of flowers and hills miles away are yellow with other flowers. It was well worth the trip to see the poppies. We stopped a number of times along the way.

I still do not have this computer set up to upload pictures. Procrastinating again. The problem is that I only use the laptop when traveling. When we are at home I forget to set it up for other things. It is easier to do at home on a DSL connection than while traveling and connecting on a cell phone.


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