Friday, August 25, 2006

HAPPY DAYS Are Here Again

Do you recall the old song, “Happy Days Are Here Again”?  Well, that sure applies us this month. Our Ebay sales are way up compared to normal.  OH, we are not getting rich, but we are going to be ahead of the bills and will have a little left over.

If our last seven days of sales were our average weeks sales, we would be on easy street and be camping all the time.  Our problem is we have all unique items that we normally would not get today. The stuff that is really making more money dated back to the 70’s and 80’s.  Unfortunately we cannot look at our inventory and say any given item will sell for $20, $100 or $500. 

Our business model is based on what it was in the past and you know the old saying, “If you do what you’ve done you’ll get what you’ve got”.  Sharon and I really need to start changing our approach to earning money. 

The best part of our business is that we work together.  We are still in love after 40 years of marriage. We like each other and are best friends.  Working together and being together all day and night just fits our needs perfectly.

So, if we can maintain our income at this months level, I think we may go camping at the beach next month.  We will miss the SAL (Lake San Antonio) Rally in October.  Even if we have to money to go, we need a cushion in case of a breakdown.  We do not have credit cards, so we have to have to cash to cover emergencies.  Trouble 200 miles from home would be a BIG problem in our current situation.

We are getting into really nice camping weather here along the coast north of Los Angeles.  The weather is the best from now through October. The crowds are gone during the week and often on the weekends.  You can actually get a camping spot without a reservation, at least during the week. 

The local lumber yard where we got our pallets of cut off wood for firewood lost their lease. They are out of business.  Now I am not sure where we will get firewood.  I liked the pallets because they stored easily. We could even keep them in our cargo van from the time we picked it up until weeks later if we weren’t using the van.  I am not sure I want to get cord wood since we do not have a good place to store it.

For those who may have missed it we have changed our blog frequency from daily to only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We just did not not have enough to talk about to keep up daily journal entries.

Our bloggin host has been having problems this morning. I am not sure when this will get uploaded to our site. 


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