Friday, January 13, 2006

Camping At Pismo Beach

We are camped with friends at Pismo Beach, California.  We had a walk on the beach earlier.  It is cool enough for a coat, but not “freezing” on the beach.  Here at the campsite it is warmer and I am in a short sleeve shirt. 

We are sitting around a campfire.  Well, I was until I remembered I hadn’t posted the blog yet today.  So here I am in the motorhome looking out at everyone as I type.

The weather has been sunny, then cloudy then sunny and is now clear again.  They are forecasting rain for tomorrow. We hope not.

We went to see the Monarch Butterflies about a mile from here.  There are thousands and they are clustered high in a tree.  If you didn’t know it was a mass of butterflies, you would think it was a mass of dead leaves.  A number of them are flying around, but most are clustered together.  The docent said there would be more flying but it is too cold for them today.


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