Friday, February 11, 2005

Feb 11, '05 Rainy Day. Order Tow Brake

Southern California has rain again. I do not mind the rain since I normally do not have to be out in it. I do not put up with traffic on freeways or slick roads.

Today I ordered the tow brake unit for my Nissan Frontier. Our Nissan truck will be our towed vehicle. After researching on, we decided the get the, "Unified Tow Brake". It is on sale until today (after today check again, it still may be on sale again) at PPL RV PartsI still need to order the tow package.

Yes, I am still under the weather. Better? I do not think so. I do not feel terrible, just "sick". This sure better be over before the rally at Lake San Antonio over the Presidents Day weekend.

Again, this will be short. I am only doing enough to keep going.


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