Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Time To Get Busy

It is time to get back to work, back to exercising and getting the warehouse in order. I was off of the exercise machine for three days. OH NO, you don’t! I will not let myself get into slacking off on the exercise routine. Same thing happened with the box project in the warehouse. Three days off of that project too. Everyone deserves time off, but some of my time off was supposed to be work time.

When our plan of full-timing becomes a truly burning desire to go forward in our lives, these incidental accomplishments will become more important and nothing will get in the way of getting them done. Exercise, work, time off for camping and all the things that moves us toward our goal of traveling the country in a motorhome will become second nature and be done regularly.

The decision to camp overnight instead of just staying at the beach for the day was a good one. It gave us some down time without having to think about anything. Without the pressure of doing all the things we have begun, life seemed really good. So, by bringing some of that feeling home with us, I think we are ready to tackle reality again and get on with our projects.

The Bounder has run good all the time we were driving for the last two days. We only put on about 60 miles, but before it did not run good for 1 mile. We checked our mileage. On the trip to San Diego, it was about 5.7 mile per gallon. On the trip back when all the trouble started it dropped back done to about 4.6 MPG. Hopefully it will be back up now that it is running smoother.

Last week I laid out the templates for four new pages to the magazine. We ordered some "just the right size" boxes for organizing some of the loose clutter we have. The boxes are ready to pick up today. Back in my Army days there was a saying, "If it isn’t tied down pick it up and if it is tied down paint it". The meaning was that everything should be neat and organized. I really need to apply that to our lives here at the warehouse.

What is it in your life that needs to be "picked up or painted"? While I am talking with you, think about it. Maybe we can get organized together. Maybe you do not have clutter or a warehouse. Maybe you need a new job or career. Or, is it that you too would like to go full timing but just cannot seem to see any way to do it. Have you lost focus on some cherished activities? Do you paint or swim and have gotten away from it? Is your checkbook in dire need of balancing? Sharon and I are finding that tackling little things we are beginning to tackle the bigger things too. Let’s do this thing together. Think about it, OK?

We still have bees, but there are fewer everyday. In the past we were able to kill a hundred or more bees. Now we are lucky to fine a dozen dead bees. I am not sure how long this fight will go on, but I think we have won the battle and the war is coming to an end.


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