Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting Organized

Each day that passes since our BIG PROBLEM (Ha! Ha!) we  have been getting organized.  Our office is getting neater.  Our lives are even getting more organized.  Problem?  Blessing is more like it.  Every aspect of our business and lives is getting better by the day.

The only problem is our concern for making the income we need each month.  After that earning enough to go camping more often and farther from home. 

I know that many are facing the same situation we are on  with different stories to go with  them.  With higher gas prices many are hurting with already strained budgets.  Higher gas and fuel prices mean higher prices on all goods. Housing prices are still going up in many/most places.  A higher priced building means higher rents or higher mortgages.

We are living in an interesting time where people and families have to get more creative just to survive. It makes me wonder what the young children of today will face in 15 years or so.  When they enter the job market, what will their future be. 

RVs may be in many people’s futures.  Used coaches that take the place of more expensive homes.  I could easily see living in an RV.  Some RVs are more spacious than some tiny apartments, or so it seems to me. 


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