Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tripple Digit Temperatures

YIKES!  The country is sure roasting. Triple digit temperatures all over the place and the end is not even near.  We feel very lucky to live by the coast in times like this.  The heat is one thing, but it also raises you electric bill and slows you down.  I do not need higher bills and a slower pace at this time. 

I not even sure I would want to be camping inland anywhere.  The coast would be OK, but one of our favorites right on the beach would be out also.  Thornhill Broom State Campground it right next to the sand, but there are no trees or shade.  A warm day can make it somewhat uncomfortable even at the beach.

At Thornhill the sun shines on the coach door side. Even an awning often does not offer enough shade.  I have seen people sitting on the opposite side of the coach, actually in the street, but in the shade of their RV to help stay cool.  Parking at Thornhill is like parking on a city street.  Spots on right on the campground road, end to end.

Sunday?  Yes, and we are at the office to get more work done.  We are still not comfortable enough to take off much time.  We will go to the movies we won tickets for, but that is about all the time we will get off for this month.


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